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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

a thought a day keep the psyciatrist away

# Don't turn your back to love when it's already in
front of you.

# Don't drive it away from you, because if you do,
someday, you'll think again, why you let love flew
when it was there next to you.

# In Love, think things first over if you're sure about
how you feel. Don't fall too hard not knowing where
you will stand, 'coz it will hurt real bad if things
don't go the way you want them to be.

# It's an irony to know that it takes hours for
someone to have guts to say "hi" to the one
he/she likes, days to admire, weeks to miss the
person, months to love, but just a blink of an eye
to say goodbye...

# Go for the person who loves you. It is not wrong
to love someone who belongs to someone else,
but it is much better to love someone who could
also love you in return.

# Love isn't something we hold, it is something we
set free. It's not something we just do, but it's
something we don't imagine to be. Lastly, it's not
something we choose, it chooses us..

# The scariest thing about falling in love is getting
hurt. The scariest thing about getting hurt is not
being able to love again. The scariest thing about
not loving again is being
alone forever.

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