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    in colour

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The girl with big brown eyes

she looked at me with her big brown eyes, the colour of muddy puddle. she smiled, happy -as I was- like a woman who smiled in front of her lover and sad like a broken hearted girl, while her hand stroking my head and hair like I was her child and she was his mother. it was warm in the room but we were snuggling on the bed under the blanket. so warm and so white the room was, just like those tv commercials.

we talked stuff, I don't remember what, but we talked. but I guess we talked about things that make me sad, and things that make her sad. I guess I said a few moving motivational words too. lol.

I think she was slightly older that me, if not the same age. with her jet black hair, tied up at the back of her head, and her eye bags she remind me of Kuza, that celebrity. she looked good in her yellow tank top.

I was happy, well, isn't that obvious. and all of that were interrupted when a few people came knocking at the door.

but I want to meet you again, 

you mysterious random girl who came out in my dream last night.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I actually don't have any name for this kind of work.
one of my viewer just call it alien. to me it's a suit. either organically or mechanically.

one of my piece of my Stare series.
this is the 7th.


made of pen and pencil on paper.
with the help of digital $#!+.

thanks for coming.

Monday, April 15, 2013


something new, last year's stuff.
ZETMAN and his counterpart ALPHA redesign.

ZETMAN and ALPHA were made with black gel ink and pencil carbon on paper.
thanks for viewing.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


2 redesigns of characters that got something to do with electric,
quite a challenge because I had never draw electrical current before.
it was purely trial and error but somehow I kind of like it.

Ginji Amano from Get Backers. renamed him Genji Amane.

aand the famous Blanka from Street Fighter.
his electrical current rejuvenate him or so.

these are old stuffs actually, back in 2011. but thanks for coming anyway.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Cloud and Sláine

Cloud, from the Storm Rider (風雲) comic books.
look sleeks enough to be a sculpture isn't it.

Slaine, one of a hero from the pages of 2000 AD - one of Britain's most popular comic books.
redesigned. more like I just gave him an armour.

both of them are made with black gel ink-for line art- and pencils for shading. on paper.
thanks for viewing, commenting, and sharing.

Robots and Mechas and redesigns

posting some old stuffs again.

Calibrate and Calibrated, both of them are redesign of a comic character of which I've already forgot.

Rumble Bee, my redesign of Transformers' Bumble bee,
the fingers sucks by the way.

E Benderion, Bender from Futurama redesigned as an Evangelion.
and his driver is of course Fry.

Brian Hecate from Appleseed. made him slimmer.

Hell Monger, Iron Man's Iron Monger redesign.

the works that you saw were made with black gel ink and pencil carbon on paper with some digital tweaking.
except for Rumble Bee that was digitally coloured,
and E Benderion which was coloured traditionally with coloured pencils.

thanks for viewing and commenting and sharing. (Y)

Monday, April 08, 2013

The Darkness - Redesigned

The Darkness, published by Top Cow.
redesigned by me.
I gave him a more mechanical looks, slightly robotic.
old work actually..

pencil on paper,
black gel ink,
some digital tweaking.

thanks for viewing, commenting, and shared.


Posting some old stuffs.
like 2 to 4 years ago stuffs.
because I have to update this blog.

the ice princess, though there's no ice at all.

Catwoman redesigned.

Black gel ink,
pencil carbon,
digital tweaking.

thanks for viewing and commenting, and shares.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dark Ryu

Ryu from the Street Fighters. in his dark Hadou crazy redesigned mode.

black gel ink
pencil carbon
on paper
some digital tweaking

thanks a much appreciated for any view and comment.