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Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Guns of the Patriot

Maybe this is a little bit too late, but I still think it's not very too late. and this entry is for those who play Metal Gear Solid.

anyway, I've seen this clip of the upcoming new Metal Gear Solid forth installment a few months back, it's a preview of the gameplay of the game.

well, my prediction of the game is that we going to have a few more new moves like, sneak crawl as you can see at 4:10 onward and new gadget, like the new camoufladge suit.

at the ending of the clip you can see a young guy lighting up cigar, I think he is Otacon, if he is Otacon, we going to play as him in this upcoming game, like we play Raiden in MGS 2. but if he is not, I think he is Snake himself. why he wasn't look so old ? because he has that camouflage suit, so he can make himself look younger.

I think I will just wait and see.

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