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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Robots and Mechas and redesigns

posting some old stuffs again.

Calibrate and Calibrated, both of them are redesign of a comic character of which I've already forgot.

Rumble Bee, my redesign of Transformers' Bumble bee,
the fingers sucks by the way.

E Benderion, Bender from Futurama redesigned as an Evangelion.
and his driver is of course Fry.

Brian Hecate from Appleseed. made him slimmer.

Hell Monger, Iron Man's Iron Monger redesign.

the works that you saw were made with black gel ink and pencil carbon on paper with some digital tweaking.
except for Rumble Bee that was digitally coloured,
and E Benderion which was coloured traditionally with coloured pencils.

thanks for viewing and commenting and sharing. (Y)

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