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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

amongst other things

Amongst other things i really like arts. almost every kind of arts, and personally, i'd like to call myself an artist though not a professional one.
starting form this point on, lets assume that i am an artist.

so, what kind of artist am i ,? well, one of a kind.
music and those stuffs for your listening pleasure :
i'm into singing. yes. i used to sing for other people with very low payment when i was in school. now i only sing for myself.
but i really have a good time doing that, i think everybody had a good time when they singing, or just simply humming to their self. it entertained you.

i don't play any instrument, but once i did programming a piano play on my computer with a simple piano program with my own song. i lost the file somehow. i really want to play piano, read the notes, and have a piano of my own. hope that will come true someday.

visual thingies:
i do drawing. i'm a comic artist technically, and i have my own comic when i was 14. that was about 9 years ago. my friends read them. i drew it directly from scratch. i mean, no script, no storyboard whatsoever. i build the idea in my head and drew the pages. the result sucks. i kept it in a file, when the school about to start a new semester and things start to be disorganized, i lost the file and all of the precious things that i kept in that file.

for the time being, drawing is the most active past time activity that i do. and once in a while, i post the artwork on my page on deviantArt. take a look !.

are those make me an artist ?

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Pauline Yap said...

Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment on the last entry. My heart smiles. Really appreciate =)