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Monday, December 18, 2006

Between Getting Older and Stay Young -at heart.

I really don't know what to say, but i need to update my blog.

anyway, I turned 23 this month, this week to be precise. a year older, a year nearer to senile and of course a year nearer to death. to think of it, there are still a lots of thing that I really want to do, to achieve, to experience, to have, to treasure.
but the fact is I'm running out of time, and therefore, deep down inside me, i hate growing up.

lets answer some question people.
how old are you right now ? 20 ? 17 ? or 25 ?
so lets assume you are 25 years old, what have you achieved of your 25 years of living. ?
what's your major accomplishment ?
what did you give to your family ?
what did you contribute to the country ?

personally i have none of those, and none of a lot more.
I envy those young people with huge accomplishment eg.nicole david.
I was like a person on a side of a river tempting to get to the another side but just didn't see any bridge and too scared to swim. so the questions arise, do i have to jump and swim risking my life from drowning, being tired, crocodiles, and cold water ? or just simply find some woods from some forest full of unexpected things and build a bridge though it will take forever ?
if I have the answer, I'll keep it to myself. but, how about you, ? what do you do. ?

Time is something we don't have, and cannot have, if we have the time we'd probably turn it back to undone some mistakes, to cherish someone we loved before he/she gone, to experience youth again and to do a lot more things.
Time makes life full of mistakes, full of bad things, full of experience. and Time as well, makes life hard.
it's just the matter of us, that make life harder.

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