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Friday, December 29, 2006

Between 2006 and 2007

Hye, festive season is on the air !!
first of all it's Chrismast, then Eidul Adha and the much awaited New Year !!!!
yeah !

so, i would like to greet all Muslim out there Happy Eidul Adha -don't eat raw meat ok- and everyone happy New Year.

speaking of resolution, what are your resolution for 2007 ?
I don't have any resolution,
I have objectives, as my friend says.
here is a list of what I want to achieve on 2007;
get a stable job,
get a new computer,
get a degree -if i have the money.
complete my script of something, or close to that.
I don't think i'd manage to realize my 2006 resolution.
I don't remember i have any.

remember, what goes around comes around and what you give is what you get.
take are of yourself, don't get drunk, and work hard for your resolutions.
Happy New Year.


my favorite studio crew Udon has their own dA account !!
they're all finally here ! the whole crew !!
yeah !!
check them out !!

Fantastic Four 2 The Rise of Silver Surfer teaser trailer is out !

Silver Surfer in Silver Screen

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