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Thursday, January 04, 2007

What's before us,

it is 2007 already... damn.

A new year lays before us. what will it hold?
the telling of the tale continues in your life and mine of course.
I feel just like yesterday was 2005, yeah.
and last week was 2004, last month was 2003, and it really feels like last year I was 19..... hell.
time really flies, doesn't it, ?
I hate this actually, you know, growing up.
I am 23, but of 23 years of living, I didn't achieve much.

hey, what's your resolutions ?
my resolution or resolutions ?
well, I don't really care exactly, is it one or five.
the fact is I didn't manage to realize my resolution(s).
that's because I don't set any resolution at all.
why should I anyway ?
hey ! don't talk about resolutions anymore would you !?

new year new year new year.
have a nice day.

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