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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Instant Noodles anyone ?!

momofuku Ando
Momofuku Ando, Japanese inventor of instant noodles, dies at 96

To me, when we talks about instant noodles, the right term to use is not "cook", but instead "soak".
I attended boarding school, in place like that, we didn't have luxuries of home. we didn't have kitchen, but we had dining hall, we don't have electric water heater, but alternatively we had to go to the dining hall to get some hot water.
so, we put the noodles into some tupperware or just simply water bucket, pour the hot water, the seasoning, and there you have it. instant noodles !

and since, I get customed to this technique. cooking instant noodles is not my thing.

when I was in colledge, it took 2 packets of instant noodles to satisfy my hunger, one packet is not enough, my stomach has grew bigger I guess.
4 years ago when I was an upper 4th former, we used to have instant noodles as our supper for almost every week, especially during the STP exam, so it was like our weekly ritual.
when I was in form 5, I ate instant noodles every time I get back home, because I just couldn't have any at the hostel. and I was already addicted to it.
when I was a 4th former, I soak fried instant noodle in bucket with cold water.
when I was in form 3, in our cooking class, my classmate said that it's about a year since she had her last instant noodle.
when I was in form 1, my senior soak the noodle in a drinking tupperware, so he drank instant noodle.

memory o memory.....

so, what's your instant noodles moment ?! ( ^ _ ^ )

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