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Friday, March 30, 2007

Pwned ... ( π - π )

Facts of The World

Fact 1: You cannot touch all your teeth with your tongue

Fact 2: After reading the first fact, all fools try it.

Fact 3: Fact 1 is false so, Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Fact 4: Now you are laughing, because you became a fool!

Fact 5: Now, you want to fool your friends too - so forward this to them!

after reading Fact 1, I went “heh?” and touched all my teeth with my tongue. Pwned.
are you ?

filler again.


blackpurple said...

Ni kira April fool ke..? ha ha

bipeds earthdweller said...

tak lah, tapi hujung bulan mac punye fool.

azhar said...

totally agree wth ur's just malaysian people don't know how to appreciate it.

itu jer...

sYAfA said...

i love art but sadly i cant do painting~

bipeds earthdweller said...

bro azhar
it's not just an issue of appreciating, but on mind setting as well.

you can always do something else.
so good luck with that something else