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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Why is it ... so ExpensivE !? ( π • π )

Why wonder ? just ask.

do you know why art pieces always soooo horribly expensive ?
an oil painting on canvas would probably cost you 10k either it in $, or ¥, or £, or RM.
a caricature of your simple face can dig from your pocket RM 10.
a potrait could make you RM 50 poorer.
and I think you Malaysians have heard that MAS have bought an art piece that priced RM 3, 000, 000 and made them broke.

  • TalenT
yes, it is always about talent. people don't develop talent overnight.
an artist took years and years of development of talent, development of stroke, of style,
of favorite choise of medium, development of everything.
from a stick man drawing, to detailed real life-like man,
through and over of gruelling practices, researches, comments, critics, under estimations and whatever you think you can put on the list.

and these whole learning process is nonstop. there are always new things to discover in art.
and learning needs money by the way.

  • IdeA
building the idea is a living hell, everybody knows that, especially if you're working in any creative department.
it takes times, a lot of times to build a good idea, and a lot of times more to make a very good one. sometimes it took just a couple of hours, sometimes ridicolously it took years. I have a drawing that I was started working on it since 2003 but just finished it last year.
and these mind block sometimes came out of nowhere just the time we need the idea the most.

and then, we have have to transfer the idea to the paper. this is when things getting more complicated.

  • MaterialS
paper, canvas, pencil, pen, computer, printer, sensitive tablet, food cost money. not to mention the oil price is higher nowadays.

Art is not just about idea, it's about perception. it is about how the artist define the world we living in and translating it to the canvas.
and just like thumbprint, every single different artist differs from one another. the piece that you had in your hands, there is nothing else like it.


blackpurple said...

Art is not just about idea, it's about perception.....
True, agree with you... :)

bipeds earthdweller said...

kang black purple

Adzakael said...

Ohohoh material is not that important.
The most important aspect always be the NAME.

Even a doodle sketch by Van Gogh can fetch thousands of dollar.Because it is made by Van Gogh,esp. because he is no longer here.

So,in order to make ur artwork really expensive,build ur name and credibility 1st.Not necessary in art field,though.

bipeds earthdweller said...

thanks for the point.